Compatible with:

  • All Akin Moto Jeans - Hip
  • All Akin Moto Jeans - Knee
  • All Akin Moto Jackets - Shoulder


  • Sold as a PAIR
  • NEW Ventilated version of SAS-TEC's 'Tripleflex' armour - still achieves CE2 rating!  
  • Very low profile - only 9mm thick
  • Extremely flexible (even at low temperatures)
  • Residual force below 15 kN - amazing performance considering how thin they are
  • Made in Germany.
  • We've teamed up with SAS-TEC to bring you the best armour inserts in the world.

This armour is made in Germany and offers the highest level of flexibility while surpassing the required values of EN 1621-1:2012, Level 2. No other armour comes close to matching SAS-TEC's lightweight, flexibility and performance.

Important: Always wear the 'pattern' side against the body

Questions? Email us at You’ll be talking directly with someone who rides and has tested our gear. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Trevor White

Triple flex armour is a great level 2 product. I have upgraded all my level one armour to level 2 triple flex. Lighter, more flexible, more protection. As it’s not if you fall it’s when

Hi Trevor, I'm stoked to hear you've upgraded the Sas-Tec armour to level 2 and to hear that it is a lighter and flexible improvement as well as more protective. Thanks for your order!

Darren Yap
Knee & hip Armor feels comfortable

Just got the Knee and hip armor together with the jeans and it is so comfortable to wear. When I wear the jeans with the armor, I don't even feel much on the hips. For the knees, it feels snug and comfortable on the knees and it doesn't move around much too due to the jeans snug fit which is awesome.

The instruction for how to install the armor into the jeans is also very clear and easy to do.

Overall, would recommend every rider to get it and would get me some in the future if need to.

Cheers for the review on the armour Darren! I'm stoked to hear they're comfortable and the instructions were clear and easy!

Isabelle Gauthier
So thin😳

I bought a pair of akin replacement knee pads from MX store and I was surprised how thin and well made these are.
So I bought 2 more pairs to replace the knee and shoulder pads on my forcefield body armour, as well as the elbow pads, they fit well and are barely noticeable, it doesn't fit for the hip pad but it's all good.
I'm happy to buy from an Australian business. I will definitely buy again soon. Love the look of the jackets.
Thank you

Thanks for the purchase and for the support Isabelle!


Slipped these into the thighs of my wrench pants. You can't even tell they're there, can't feel them or see them but feel 10x safer. Unreal

Thanks for the review Oscar, much appreciated!

Forgot they were even there

Chucked them in my Akin jeans and quickly forgot they were there.
That's all I ever wanted from armour. A mindful design with comfort and style is the best way to get everyone to start adopting armour.

Thanks Robbie! Saying that you forgot about these is the best type of compliment we can get ;)